Heavy Canvas in Cotton or Polyster Cotton Blends are used for summer canvas covers and
winter canvas covers for animals, specially horse and cattle.

- Finishes are breathable and allow evaporation of animal perspiration
- Rip Stop weaves for strong tear resistance
- Good waterproofing
- Polyester Cotton Blends for high strength.

Commonly used Qualities are:

Polyster Cotton Rip Stop Canvas, Pigmented Waterproof
12   oz   PC RS    WP
15   oz   PC RS    WP
18   oz   PC RS    WP
24   oz   PC RS    WP

100% Polyster Canvas Bleached
7/8   oz   Rip Patterns in White Ribs
7/8   oz   Rip Patterns in colored checks

Cotton Fabrics Dyed with good Rub and Wash Fastness in colors Blue/Green/Red
12   oz   Cotton Dyed
10   oz   Bull Denim

Canvas with Polyster, Flax and Cotton Blends are made in Pigmented and Water Resistant finishes
18   oz
22   oz