A range of Durable and Non durable tureatments for various application.

- Theatre drapes
- Tents
- Mattress ticking
- Railway and Aircraft Curtains
- Military Covers
- Protective wear for Fireworkers.

Main Classifications are:

Non Durable FR's - for Theatre Drapes and indoor applications where fabric is not washed.
Durable FR finishes - Halogenated Hydrocarbon  for Military Tents and Tarps.
These are durable finishes and stand against rain.
The finish is also Infra Red resistant and UV resistant.
    Common qualities are:
10 oz SFD Cotton
10.50 oz Army Duck Cotton
12.00 oz Army Duck Cotton
15.00 oz Numbered Duck Cotton
12 oz Polyster Cotton
Non halogenated, breathable -
Pyrovatex® or Pekoflam®
for Protective wear
    The finish is durable exceeding 40 washes.
Woven from Flame Resistant fibre - We weave Trivera or similar inherently FR fibres to give a permanent FR finish.
Used mainly for Railway Curtains, Aircraft Blankets & cushions