Fabrics with
        - high light fastness
        - good water resistance
        - low shinkage
        - good Rot Resistance
        - UV resistance
        - good breathability.

We make following types of fabrics having above properties.

Acrylic Canvas - Teflon® treated
Water and stain resistant, Natural, White and Top dyed.
Solution Dyed Polyster - 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz in various colors
Acrylic Coated or PU Coated.
Solution Dyed Black, High Tenacity Polyster - In weights 6 oz to 18 oz with Water Resistant Teflon Coatings at very competetive price.
Also used for Awnings, Beach Umbrellas & Luggageware.
Polyster Cotton Pigmented - 8 oz , 10 oz and 12 oz, Pigmented, UV, Water and Rot Resistant
100% Polyamide Fabrics - Light weight fabrics 3 oz to 5 oz for sails and paratrooping, PU Coated, water resistant.