Fabrics for climate extremes - Indian Military needs to perform in most difficult and varied climatic conditions on Earth. They work on border in Himalyan glacier regions at
-40°C and the coastal areas of South India at temperatures exceeding 40°C. We have hot dry desert area in West and damp rain forests of Assam in East. We make protective fabrics for all above climatic extremes.

Defence Certifications
- Our Group is a trusted supplier to Indian Defence. We have a fully equipped Laboratory, and qualify stringent requirements for being a DGQA (Director General Quality Assurance) approved supplier for supply of Textile to Indian Armed Forces. We are also approved with DGS&D (Director General of Supplies and Disposal) and have acquired prestigious license of selling some of our products with an ISI mark, a certificate given by Bureau of Indian Standards.

Some common qualities supplied to Military are:-

1) Cotton Ducks and Canvas IS 1422, 1424
2) Cotton Drills, Twills, Dosuti sheetings IS 177, 179, 180
3) Waterproof fabrics and fabrics for Capes Waterproof IS 2079, 6803 and 2422
4) Disruptive printed fabrics in Cotton and Polyester Cotton,
for soldiers uniform
IND/TC/044, IND/TC/50, IND/TC/43
5) Polyester Cotton Rip Stop Canvas for Waterproof Covers   IS 13510 4369/FWP PV/RIP/TC-11/1
6) Polyester Cotton & Polyester Viscose Blended fabric 190 gsm,
Khaki and Olive Green for Military Uniform
IS 11248 & IND/TC 0042(c)
7) Cloth Cotton closely woven, light weight for sleeping bags,
high altitude capes wp snow
8) Nylon fabrics PU Coated, 75gsm to 250gsm DMSRDE/T&GS/89/377(d)