Cloth Preparation - Singeing, Desizing, Steaming, Washers, Mercerizer, Cylindrical Drying Range.
Dyeing - Continuous pad batch, Jumbo Maxi Jiggers, Jet Dyeing, Hot Flu, CDR.
Finishing - Stenter, Loop agers, Sanforizing, Waxing mangles, Pigment range.
Printing - Seven Color Rotary Printing, Steam ager.
Coating - Blade coating, rotary screen coating.

We are environment conscious and have a ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant) and discharge treated water in our 20 acre green belt plantation.

We undertake various processes:

Specialization - Dyeing, Coating and Finishing
Dyes - Reactive, Vat, Disperse, Acid and Pigments
Finishes - Water, Mildew and Rot Resistant
  - Flame Resistant
  - UV and Soil Resistant
  - Wrinkle Resistant and Antistatic Finishes
Coatings - Conventional Wax finishes
  - Breathable Impregnation Coatings.
  - Polyurethane, Acrylic and PVC Coatings
Printing - Military camouflage patterns
  - One side color effects