Specialization - Heavy Industrial Fabrics.
Equipment - Latest Nuovo Pignone Rapier looms up to 260cms wide with Staubli Dobby attachments.
  - Ruti C shuttle looms for conventional selvage fabrics up to 220 cms.
Products - Canvas, ducks, filter fabrics and other textiles.
Fibers - 100% Cotton, Flax, Jute, PES, Acrylic, Polyamide, Viscose, Polypropylene, Aramids, Inox, Core Spun and various Blends.
Weaves - Plain, Oxford, Ripstop, Twills, Drills, Matt, Satin, Herringbone and special custom made patterns.
Weights - 3 oz/sq. yd.(102 gsm) - 34 oz/sq. yd. (1152 gsm)